Alfamiglia Nordest

Dr. Bob Cess Concorso d’Eleganza

Date: Saturday, June 27
Time: 8am-3pm
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel Grounds
Entry cost: $50/car - Certificato d'Oro Class
Entry cost: $25/car - Shine & Show Class

For a list of Shine & Show results Click HERE
For a list of Certificato d’Oro results Click

Concorso d'Eleganza means concourse of elegance in Italian, or simply, a beauty contest for cars. To enthusiasts these words conjure up images of beautiful, rare automobiles displayed on the lawns of Villa d'Este, Pebble Beach, Amelia Island or Greenwich. For the 2015 Alfa Romeo Owner's Club National Convention - Alfamiglia Nordest, we will present our prized Alfa Romeo automobiles on the lawn of the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island. In order to make the event enjoyable and to allow more members to actively participate, the Concorso d'Eleganza of Alfamiglia Nordest will have two judging classes:

  • The Certificato d'Oro Class will be judged by the traditional Alfa Romeo Owner's Club National Concours Manual, emphasizing completeness, preparation and originality. Entries in this class should be 90-point or better cars. Cars awarded 95 points or more will be awarded the coveted Certificato d'Oro. This award can only be bestowed once per vehicle. Therefore, if your entry was previously awarded the Certificato d’Oro you may either enter this judging class or the following class to compete for a trophy. For the awarding of trophies, entries in the Certificato d'Oro will be grouped by year of manufacture. Please note: This judging class is open only to Alfa Romeos made in 1995 and earlier. Post 1995 cars, especially 8Cs & 4Cs, are encouraged to show their shine in the following class.

  • The Shine & Show will be a much more casual judging class in which to enter your Alfa Romeo. Whether your entry is a daily driver, sunny day-only car or even your track car, your entry will be judged using a more relaxed set of criteria in order to make the Shine and Show Concorso fun for all participants. Once registered, you will receive an outline of the judging criteria so you can prepare your Alfa accordingly. For the awarding of trophies, entries in the Shine & Show will be grouped by year of manufacture.

Alfamiglia Nordest's Concorso d'Eleganza promises to be a great experience for all participants. The date is fast approaching, so give yourself and your Alfa a present by finishing that deferred project and be prepared to present your car in all its glory. Enjoy driving your Alfa to the 2015 Convention and display it on the lawn where everyone will be able to enjoy it. Whether you choose the Certificato d'Oro class or the more relaxed Shine and Show is your choice. The Concorso Committee invites you to participate and have fun in what promises to be a spectacular assemblage of automobile design that is ALFA ROMEO.