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Abbondanza di Alfa! Dinning On Federal Hill, Providence’s Little Italy
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Date: Thursday, June 25
Time: 6pm
Location: Federal Hill, Providence, RI
Bus from Crowne Plaza Hotel
Driving/Parking: Free
Bus Option Cost: $12 per person round trip

Even for a native New Englander like myself, the natural beauty and cultural experiences offered by Rhode Island, in particular the city of Providence, are always remarkable. At just over 1,500 square miles in land area, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US, yet it boasts over 380 miles of coastline and more than its share of special places.

One such special place is the Providence neighborhood of Federal Hill, which is fortuitously located just 10 miles away

from our 2015 Convention hotel. Acclaimed as one of the best “Little Italy’s” in the US by National Geographic Travel Magazine (among many others), Federal Hill has over 20 fine restaurants within a quarter mile radius, along with multiple art galleries and specialty shops to suit any taste.

To experience Federal Hill is to taste, see, and feel a true Italian neighborhood, one that’s been home to prominent Italian families since the 1870’s. While “The Hill” or “Colletto” has become more culturally diverse since the early 1900’s, from the moment you pass through the arch and below “La Pigna” (a pine cone and Italian symbol of welcome) and proceed West on Atwells Avenue, you know you’re in one of those special and welcoming places that calls for you to park your beautiful Italian car and partake of the local cuisine and culture.

As a part of our 2015 convention planning, the committee has engaged with the Federal Hill Commerce Association in order to share this extraordinary venue on the evening of Thursday, June 25th with our Alfa community. Convention participants will not just be visitors, but will have the opportunity to experience Federal Hill’s hospitality as honored guests. The plans include closing multiple blocks near the center of Atwells Avenue to allow for secured parking of convention cars, special menus and pricing from participating restaurants, and bus transportation to and from the hotel for those who would prefer to be driven.

Federal Hill is the site of many large events organized by the members of the Commerce Association to include the annual Providence Columbus Day parade. The Association has the skills, resources, and experience needed to make this a fun and memorable evening for all involved. When driving to the event, you will be greeted by the traffic management staff who will shepherd you down the closed street to your parking spot, where your car will be on display to event goers and pedestrian traffic for the evening. Have dinner and wander through the shops and galleries without worry, knowing your car is under the watchful eye of the security staff, which includes a number of officers from the Providence Police department.

While sitting at your table on the sidewalk enjoying a meal from one of the many five-star restaurants, you’ll be looking out on a street filled with beautiful Italian automobiles right in the center of this important historic venue. The sites, the smells, the music and the laughter will make you think you’re back in the “old country”. Indeed, this is a special place, one that will be made even more special by the presence of so many Alfisti, their guests, and the fine Italian cars that bring us all together.

When registering for the 2015 convention be sure to sign up for the Federal Hill event and indicate whether or not you’ll be displaying a car or arriving by bus. On behalf of the committee, we look forward to seeing you at the convention and especially at the Federal Hill event.

Bus transportation will be provided at $12 per person, round trip from the Convention Hotel, for those who prefer not to drive.


For those who chose to drive, here is an interactive Google Map to reference.