Alfamiglia Nordest

Alfamiglia Nordest Gimmick Rallye

Date: Friday, June 26
Time: 9am
Location: Depart from
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Max cars: 60
Cost: $30 per person

Results listed at bottom of page

Our “Gimmick Rallye” will be held on Friday at 9:00 am. Organized by and laid out by Tom Letourneau, who has some degree of expertise with TSD Rallies, and over the years he has perfected the art of a ‘Gimmick Rallye’. On the Alfamiglia Nordest ‘Gimmick Rallies’ you will have even more direct instructions of what is the Rallye Route. Tom’s philosophy on Gimmick Rallies is that it is, for all intents and purposes, a ‘Guided Tour’ that is impossible to get lost on….all one has to do is follow the step by step by step instructions and answer Tom’s highly creative questions….the answers of which will always be located between one instruction to the next.

There will be a drivers meeting at 8:30 on the morning of the rallye. Location will be at the Convention Hotel.

HOWEVER, there is: ‘Read Tom’s Lips!’ absolutely NO BACKTRACKING! If you are caught backtracking you are disqualified. The entire idea of, and fun of a Gimmick Rallye is to catch the answer to the question as you ride and enjoy the route and the scenery….all of which is also designed to distract you! That’s as tricky as it gets.

And what kinds of tricky, demented questions might Tom pose to you? As an example (from Tom’s ‘First and Last Rogues Island Ramble’), as participants rode through the back roads of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, they were asked the following question: “What do young couples sometimes engage in doing wherein they get themselves in trouble?”

If participants had been paying attention, as they drove by a beautiful horse farm, they would have noticed, painted on the side of the barn, was a large sign with the name of the farm.

And, what was the name of that farm? “Horsing Around”

The Gimmick Rallye will officially begin, as it stands today, at the intersection of Rhode Island routes 138-East and 1a-South. Although the official start time of the rally is 10 am, it can start it at whatever time you want from the Convention Hotel’s Parking Lot. Directions from the hotel to the Rally’s Official Start will be provided. (More details on this way of starting and the start are still being finalized.)

The Gimmick Rallye Route will take participants, initially, through a Historic part of North Kingstown, RI, passing by the home of famed Rhode Island ‘Portrait Painter’ Gilbert Stuart. From there everyone will be taken over the West Bay *Passage of Narragansett Bay to one of Rhode island premier treasures, that being Jamestown Island -,_Rhode_Island - located in the middle of Narragansett Bay wherein participants will tour every nook and cranny of the Island….wherein you must attempt to answer Tom’s questions….all of which, depending on degree of difficulty (and trickery) will have different point values. One of the questions that will be asked to answer of the Rallye is as follows: “What is the name of the ‘Garden’ the name that starts out with what you might find in a baby’s diaper?” – Think about it!

Upon completion of the Official Rallye Route you will then have directions to the most direct route back to the hotel….and to learn how well you did….or didn’t do on the Rallye!

Final Score Sheet Gimmick Rallye

Place Points Last Name First Name City State
5th 109 Abhalter Robert Kenosha WI
9th 99 Banzer Cindy Portland OR
4th 116 Halton Sue Portland OR
Bennett Bernard Brenham TX
2nd 123 Benson Lawrence Greenback TN
20th 69 Carpenter Kevin Malta NY
Davis Stephen Pleasanton CA
DiPietro Angel garden city NY
12th 94 Drew Glen Rockville MD
8th 99 Duffy Philipp Brossard QC
1st 132 Edinburg Joel Sanibel FL
Faherty Joe Fox Island WA
Farace, Jr. Robert Clinton CT
Frary Steve Jamestown RI
Greason John Cordova TN
Greason Laura Cordova TN
18th 81 Greene Michael Thompson PA
Justus John Kansas City MO
17th 83 Laporta Kathleen Rochester Hills MI
Laporta Anthony Rochester Hills MI
13th 93 Lehman Jim Aurora NY
19th 77 Leone Paul Merrimac MA
11th 95 Livingstone Jack OTTAWA ON
15th 92 Major Dennis Dillsburg PA
21st 34 Manelski Eugene Basking Ridge
Maveety Jay Fairview NC
10th 96 Murphy Kevin Framingham MA
7th 106 Will Albert Yardley PA
Scurlock Arch Annandale VA
3rd 120 Bange Mike Huntington NY
Pezold George Huntington NY
Richardson Bo Nashville TN
Hall Martha Melbourne FL
Rupp Robert Plymouth MA
6th 107 Sershen Henry Yonkers NY
Stidsen Andrea Andover MA
16th 88 Thackeray William Alexandria VA
Vadala Robert Hasbrouck Heights NJ
14th 92 West David West Chester PA
Woodruff Jay Wayland MA
Zimmerman Gordon BOBCAYGEON ON