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Alfa Romeo Stradale Touring Bike Raffle

The Alfa Romeo Stradale Touring Bike will be raffled off at the Convention’s banquet. There will be a FREE raffle ticket in every Welcome Bag. Additional raffle tickets will be on sale at the Registration Desk ($5.00/ticket or 5 tickets for $20.00).

The Tickets that are in the welcome bags and available for purchase are two part tickets. One part goes into the raffle drum and the other half is kept by the registrant. When a ticket is drawn the matching half of the ticket
must be presented to win. If a person cannot attend, they should give their ticket to someone who is attending and can act on their behalf. Please understand that the convention is not responsible for shipping the bike; the winner is responsible for transporting it home. The front & rear wheels can be detached very easily and with the frame should fit in a standard size trunk.



Design : Centro Stile Alfa Romeo (Design Center) and Compagnia Ducale 

  • Note the “sporting heart” shape of the frame and the 24 speed shift wire which runs inside the frame to the derailleur instead of being clipped to the outside.
  • The bike is Alfa Red.
  • Front and rear reflectors as well as a kick standunknown are included.
Frame : serie alloy 7005 tig welded aluminum
Fork : suspensionunknown with dual shock absorbers with “lockout” for fast touring, “lockin” for offroad.
Handlebar : alloy, adjustable
Brakesunknown : alloy caliper V-Brakes 
Crankset : alloy Triple with BB set
Front-rear derailleur : Shimano Alivio 24 speed
Wheelsunknown: alloy, high-profile,racing type – 27 inches
Tires: CST all season sport 700x35
Saddle : padded and masculine anatomically correct by Libertyunknown

Alfa Romeo is introducing a stable of touring, trail and competition bicycles in 2011 ranging in prices from $1295 to $11,995.
For the first time in its 100 year history of fine 
automobilesunknown, Alfa Romeo has designed an extraordinary collection of hand built bicycles. The Stradale Touring (synonymous with the fabulous Grand Prix winning Alfas) to the Cross trail bike and the one of a kind 8C Competizione all carbon fiber road bike, bicycle enthusiasts have little left to wish for. 
The bicycles are the brain-child of Veber Ferrari, a cycling enthusiast for decades and close friend of Alfa Romeo top management. Five years ago, Ferrari initiated the idea of building Alfa Romeo bicycles for sport and competition to be sold alongside the Alfa Romeo automobiles currently winning the hearts of all Europeans. His ideas resonated with the executives at Alfa Romeo but they insisted that the bicycles meet the demanding quality and competitive standards displayed by the newest of Alfas, the fabulous 8C Competitizione.

The bicycles had to be designed in collaboration with Centro Stile, the design center of Alfa Romeo. Alfa management insisted that branding each bicycle by painting the name or applying a decal was insufficient. Each bicycle had to be hand built. This meant that only Italian artisans familiar with bicycle performance could be allowed to assemble the bicycles. The frames themselves were to be built by Alfa Romeo under the strictest of quality control reserved for their finest sports 
The full range of Alfa Romeo and other Fiat Group bicycles can be seen on the website of Compagnia Ducale - ALFAROMEO BIKES. 
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