Alfamiglia Nordest

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

The Alfamiglia Nordest Convention is excited to introduce its attendees to the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (TSMP), which offers a uniquely diverse variety of track layouts and race courses. The venue is located on 500 acres of rolling hills in northeast Connecticut, 35 miles north of the Convention Hotel. Considered to be the oldest paved roadcourse in the country, the site has held racetracks for 74 years under the same family ownership. After a two-year construction program which has rejuvenated the original road course (shown in historic photo, above), the facility includes more than ever before. Watch the progress HERE.

The back bone of the facility is the 5/8 mile high banked oval. Incorporated into the oval is the 1.7 mile road racing circuit. Within the 1.7 mile road racing circuit there is an option to eliminate the clubhouse hairpin turn and use a 1.5 mile configuration, which creates a challenging sweeping set of S-curves through the bridge turn.

The facility also boasts a first class, 1/10 mile quarter midget facility as well as 4.5 acre autocross area and 250' diameter skid pad complete with irrigation. The TSMP team will be working closes with the convention team to accommodate any and all of our time trial, autocross and parade lap events.

thompson-road-course-map edge

HistoricAlfasOldTrack edge
Photo of Spiders on original Thompson race track “back in the day”. For more historic photos, click on the photo.

Thompson Vintage Motorsports Festival - Report and Photo Gallery from Sports Car Digest. The inaugural Vintage Motorsports Festival, sanctioned by Vintage Racer Group (VRG) and Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA), served as a grand re-opening of the oldest road racing course in the United States. Story and photos by Michael DiPleco .

Find a quick or leisurely route from the Convention Hotel to and from Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park