Alfamiglia Nordest

Parade Laps at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Date: Thursday, June 25
Time: 1pm-2pm
Location: Legendary Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
Entry cost: $30
Capacity: 80

Our official Track Event Photographer, Clarus Studios, offers a web presentation of photos from the Time Trials, Autocross and Parade laps. You can access them for viewing and ordering HERE.

Don't have a car quite capable of running the Time Trials but you'd still like to experience this fabulous track firsthand? Look no further (but sign up quick!). The Parade Laps on the legendary Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park will be a spectacular ribbon of Alfa Romeos twisting up, down and around this 1.7 mile track. Passengers are allowed. Parade laps will be controlled at reduced speed (6/10). Certain safety restrictions will be in place (seat belts for all occupants, etc).