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Santo Spadaro’s Giulietta Sprint @ TSMP, ©2015 AutoPhotos, Ed Hyman

Time Trials at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

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Date: Thursday, June 25
Time: 9am-6pm (May have option of open track time after 6pm)
Location: Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
Entry cost: $250/driver
Capacity: 125 driver/car combos

Link to complete Time Trail Results

Our official Track Event Photographer, Clarus Studios, offers a web presentation of photos from the Time Trials, Autocross and Parade laps. You can access them for viewing and ordering HERE.

Mandatory Tech Inspections available at the Convention Hotel 7pm on June 24 and at the Thompson facility @ 7am on day of event.

Should you be interested in participating as a volunteer instructor during our event, please reference the
Competition Instructors page in the TSMP section of the site.

Ciao Carissimo Alfisti!
The 2015 AROC Convention’s Time Trial event is scheduled to take place at the legendary Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, CT. The road-racing course re-opened in the 2014 as a modernized version of the original track in New England, where much grassroots racing took place since 1938. The new track will be 1.7 miles long with 10 turns.

The date of the event will be Thursday, June 25, 2015. This will be an all-day event where we will be covering tech inspection, drivers meeting, instruction (both classroom and in-car if needed), practice-practice-practice, and the time trail event itself.

The definition of a Time Trial (TT) can be best described as: A type of motorsport where the racecars compete against a clock, and not directly against each other. Each car is timed through one circuit of the track, and cars are staged at the start so that no other cars would be seen on the track at that time. The car makes a preliminary circuit, then runs the timed lap (normally 3), and then finishes with a cool-down lap. Time trial has open session practices where one is only allowed to pass on designated point-by areas of the track.

We will be observing AROC’s car classes and rules for the TT event.

Timing and Scoring: Gone are the days of stopwatches and chronographs! Timing will be done electronically (a small RFID sticker will be placed in each car with a designated code to trigger the time at start/finish). Recorded laps for each car and class will be sorted to determine the Class Winner.

We will have plenty of space for car haulers and parking. If you need a garage these are offered “a la carte” directly with the track management. Trailer parking is also available for a fee.

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